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Spindrift Maya Metrics – visitors for the last halfyear by country

January 21, 2008

Remember the scene in the Graduate when Ben is being given career advice?  “One word, Benjy – plastics!”  Now the replacement word would be “metrics.”  :)

Here’s the cumulative top-20 piechart:


The last nation on the chart is one of 11 that have had only one visitor each out of 31 countries total.  [Officially, anyway.  The sensor limitations are that if an avatar leaves the arrival area within one minute, s/he isn’t logged by country.  So 3/4s of our 1400 unique vistors don’t register that info with us.  The sample size is large enough to give us usable percentages, though.]  And since wordpress compresses this piechart, here’s the readable version at flickr

I started using the pro paid version of Maya Realities metrics sensors on July 26th, 2007, so the traffic metrics start there.  [Disclaimer – I am a volunteer beta tester and installer for Maya Realities.]

Spindrift Space Gallery – Jan 2008

January 19, 2008

Here’s a look at the various wings of Spindrift Space Gallery:

*Spindrift Space astronomical art [Update Jan 2009 – SpinSpace Gallery acquired its own building in summer 2008.  Here’s my flickr photo set of SpinSpace.]  And the slurl is:


*Ringworld Space Engineering illustrations


*Illustration Exchange incubator project


Cypress Rosewood concert 7PM Sat Jan 19th!

January 17, 2008


4th and latest Cypress Rosewood monthly Planets concert Sat Jan 19th on Spindrift!  More info as I learn it.  :) [news tip provided by science reporter Troy McLuhan – thx!]

Update: Cypress Rosewood Planets concert 5 will be a solo performance of “Jupiter” on Feb 13th at 7PM SLT.


SciEye – How to Pick Up Science

January 17, 2008

SciEye’s 1st stop in my tour of the SciLands is the epynomous Science Friday island.

Science Friday is a wide-ranging weekly science news and interviews radio show on, yes, Fridays back in RL (Real Life). Join us in Second Life at 11am SLT!

Here’s larger versions of the same 3 photos of the SL version of the show at FlickR.  [update Jan 18th – I’ve added 5 pics of the 3rd home island show as well.]  I can’t offer a tour of Science Friday island yet, because the terraforming landshapers and exhibit builders are still designing on this newly-birthed island.   Here’s the archived podcast of the first Science Friday show co-hosted in RL & SL: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Lives, broadcast on Friday August 31st, 2007.  All of their shows are archived at their website.

The SciEye column’s next SciLands stop is Mars, in Exploratorium.  I’ve gotten word that an asteroid is inbound …



How to Pick Up Science Chicks!

January 12, 2008

If only I’d known …  :)  National Public Radio’s [NPR] Science Friday show came to Second Life at the end of last summer, Aug 31st; they liked the experience so much on Science School Island that they bought their own island and joined the SciLands.  I’m a regular attendee, partly for the show’s guests and partly for the witty and erudite inworld audience’s chatter during the show.

Yesterday a newcomer to the audience asked about social opportunities – and got a rapid response.  :)
[12:19]  Emil Gaffer: is this a good place to pick up science chicks?
[12:19]  Bjorlyn Loon: THANK YOU AND SUPPORT: Thank you to Ira and the Science Friday staff for being here in Second Life, and thanks to all of you for attending! Please support NPR, and also the Science School, which make this event possible.
[12:19]  Jasmin Loire: Emil – Sure, just order them from Carolina Biological Supply. You’ll need an incubator too.

Bjorlyn commented that her remark made her seem [fussy, or officious].  :)  I disagreed, saying I’d left it in to show this was indeed SciFri, and it was a good reminder to support the show inworld. 

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