How to Pick Up Science Chicks!

If only I’d known …  :)  National Public Radio’s [NPR] Science Friday show came to Second Life at the end of last summer, Aug 31st; they liked the experience so much on Science School Island that they bought their own island and joined the SciLands.  I’m a regular attendee, partly for the show’s guests and partly for the witty and erudite inworld audience’s chatter during the show.

Yesterday a newcomer to the audience asked about social opportunities – and got a rapid response.  :)
[12:19]  Emil Gaffer: is this a good place to pick up science chicks?
[12:19]  Bjorlyn Loon: THANK YOU AND SUPPORT: Thank you to Ira and the Science Friday staff for being here in Second Life, and thanks to all of you for attending! Please support NPR, and also the Science School, which make this event possible.
[12:19]  Jasmin Loire: Emil – Sure, just order them from Carolina Biological Supply. You’ll need an incubator too.

Bjorlyn commented that her remark made her seem [fussy, or officious].  :)  I disagreed, saying I’d left it in to show this was indeed SciFri, and it was a good reminder to support the show inworld. 

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3 Responses to “How to Pick Up Science Chicks!”

  1. Kat Lemieux Says:

    Love it!! Congrats on the new blog. This was a great way to start!

  2. Jasmin Loire Says:

    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I really worried, when I made that comment, that no one would understand what I meant. I guess I was wrong.


    Good to know I’m among science geeks at all times.

  3. Gretchen Eldrich Says:

    I wish I could attend a show, I’m at work when it’s on! Since I’m not in the IT field I can’t be logged into SL while working ;)

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