Spindrift Space Gallery – Jan 2008

Here’s a look at the various wings of Spindrift Space Gallery:

*Spindrift Space astronomical art [Update Jan 2009 – SpinSpace Gallery acquired its own building in summer 2008.  Here’s my flickr photo set of SpinSpace.]  And the slurl is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Spindrift/89/84


*Ringworld Space Engineering illustrations


*Illustration Exchange incubator project


*SL residents’ gallery




And the flickr full-size gallery snapshots of them.

The Space Gallery got its start while I worked on Yuri’s Night 2007.  In addition to the live music, dancing, fashion show, and videos, we included space art.  I decided to import the astronomical/space portion of my personal art collection into SL.  I suspended them in an open-air gallery on Spindrift, and picked a dozen for the Yuri stage and exhibit area.

Afterwards in April 2007, I mulled over whether to do anything further with the art.  Troy McLuhan mentioned that he knew of no other space art gallery in SL.  <Big light-bulb moment!>  I immediately created the island-manager role “Space Art Curator” and appointed both of us to use it.  :)  Thanks for the triggering moment, Troy!

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