Spindrift Maya Metrics – visitors for the last halfyear by country

Remember the scene in the Graduate when Ben is being given career advice?  “One word, Benjy – plastics!”  Now the replacement word would be “metrics.”  :)

Here’s the cumulative top-20 piechart:


The last nation on the chart is one of 11 that have had only one visitor each out of 31 countries total.  [Officially, anyway.  The sensor limitations are that if an avatar leaves the arrival area within one minute, s/he isn’t logged by country.  So 3/4s of our 1400 unique vistors don’t register that info with us.  The sample size is large enough to give us usable percentages, though.]  And since wordpress compresses this piechart, here’s the readable version at flickr

I started using the pro paid version of Maya Realities metrics sensors on July 26th, 2007, so the traffic metrics start there.  [Disclaimer – I am a volunteer beta tester and installer for Maya Realities.]


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