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SciEye – Metaverse U’s mixed-reality conf in SL

February 17, 2008



The schedule for Sat and SundaySome snaps from Sat.  And Kat Lemeiux has a great set of Metaverse U bloggers’ links, including program participants.

… I know, last column SciEye promised you a look at a crashteroid inbound for Mars.  But it missed!  And we know where the reset button is, so *next* column takes you to Mars on Exploratorium sim to watch a little alternate history.

Cypress Rosewood concert 7PM Sat Feb 13th!

February 13, 2008

Welcome to the fifth and latest in Cy’s “Planet series” monthly concerts at Spindrift!cypress-rosewood-jupiter-concert-15s.jpgcypress-rosewood-jupiter-concert-3s.jpg


Yuri’s Night 2007

February 10, 2008


NASA CoLab’s management group decided at the end of Jan 2007 to link their realworld April 12th Yuri’s Night party at Ames/ARC in California with a multi-island SciLands Yuri’s Night party in SL.  A group chaired by Camden Mitchell was set up and went to work.  Cypress Rosewood handled scheduling 10 hours of live music, a subgroup including Oliva Delvecchio handled the fashion show, I helped with the art show, and Camden did most of the stage design and build.

Here’s a series of my engineering snapshots showing the growth of the stage over six weeks and disassembly afterwards.  Three shots here and the rest of the two dozen at flickr. (more…)

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