The Magicians’ Apprentice & Clarke’s Third Law

I was at Kat LeMieux’s brand new office on Spaceport Bravo last Saturday discussing ISM [International Spaceflight Museum (not part of Nasa!)] business, like the spirited bidding on the latest eBay auctions for the half-year sponsorship rights for ISM AlphaPort rockets, when she got a call from Kim Anubis.  

We flicked to her home – and workplace as one of The Magicians (and the company founder) – on Abracadabra Island.  The isle was gripped in winter snow and cheered by brightly lit tree branches.


Moving over to an outdoor conference area cleared of the surrounding snow, they discussed matters while I looked around for the apparent source of the bare patch of concrete and chairs. 


Easy to spot from the industrious motions  and the puffs of dust …


The AbracaBroom  continued sweeping, in its random brownian movement way, flickering from spot to spot every 15 seconds so it wouldn’t be an possible inconvenience in any one spot for long.


I reminisced again about Clarke’s Third Law and smiled …


… and vice versa!

You can see the fullsized Arthur C. Clarke quotation illustration by Hannah M.G. Shapero here. I recalled the Walt Disney tale within Fantasia of a careless sorcerer’s apprentice Mickey Mouse and his bucket-carrying broomstick(s) …  So the magicians here *are* wise and educated the broomstick, not an apprentice!



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