“SL For Dummies” authors’ SL appearance successful!


Intellagirl Tully & Typewriter Tackleberry with MC Kim Anubis.


Another Wiley production.  Nearly 50 avs attended.


Notice the well-swept concrete surface of the presentation area?  Here’s how that was done

SLED and SLRL’s own Sarah “Intellagirl Tully” Robbins and Mark “Typewriter Tackleberry” Bell, authors of Wiley’s Second Life For Dummies, will answer audience questions in Second Life on March 27, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. SLT/PST.  Along with primary seating at The Magicians Colonnade at Abracadabra, there’s balcony seating in the neighboring sim, Seifert Surface’s xyz.  For an ideal view of the stage, guests in the balconies will be offered free scripted opera glasses.  The event will be conducted in text chat.

“We’ll be giving away 4 real-life Dummies prize packs from Wiley, each including a Dummies duffel bag, a copy of Second Life For Dummies, and other Dummies-branded goodies.  We’re also handing out free sample chapters, avatar jackets and coffee, Enchanted Teachers’ Apples, and a few surprises.  Instant message Chimera Malaprop or Art Laxness for a teleport offer.

“The Magicians Colonnade is a Tinies-accessible build, but there’s plenty of room for SLED members and other educators!  Large dragons and mechas are welcome in the rear of the courtyard.” – The Magicians’ press release.


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