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The Magicians’ Apprentice & Clarke’s Third Law

March 24, 2008

I was at Kat LeMieux’s brand new office on Spaceport Bravo last Saturday discussing ISM [International Spaceflight Museum (not part of Nasa!)] business, like the spirited bidding on the latest eBay auctions for the half-year sponsorship rights for ISM AlphaPort rockets, when she got a call from Kim Anubis.  

We flicked to her home – and workplace as one of The Magicians (and the company founder) – on Abracadabra Island.  The isle was gripped in winter snow and cheered by brightly lit tree branches.



Cypress Rosewood’s latest “Planets” concert – Uranus Wed March 19th 7PM

March 17, 2008

Cypress concert Uranus 031908

Cypress will perform the sixth of his “Planets” series of Spindrift monthly concerts on Wednesday night at 7PM SLT.  Welcome to join us!

[Update – we drew the usual crowd of 30 to 40 avs, who enjoyed the show.]

recent ‘VWorlds: Libraries, Education, and Museums conf’ now online

March 15, 2008

Troy McLuhan just posted this helpful info pointer:

“Last weekend, the ‘Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education, and Museums
Conference’ was held in SL.  Now some of the presentations are
available online.

Some that might interest this group in particular are:

* “Persistent Worlds: Will They Ever Go Away?” Presented by Dr. Susan
Hazan — Slides

* “Virtual Museums: When Do They Become “Real”?” Presented by Annie
Platoff — Slides with lots of text.  She covers the ISM and the
‘Splo, among others

* “An Overview of Science-Related Stuff in Second Life” Presented
by…. me! — Audio and slides, packaged as video [10 mins]

The titles and abtracts are all listed at the URL below.  Some of
them, like those listed above, come with the presentation in some
archival form.

Troy also reviewed the conference at his own blog.  I’ve added Troy’s presentation to the Scilands category on my blogroll – an outstanding quick overview of the history of science exhibits and uses in SL.

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