SciEye welcomes Phoenix lander to Mars!

Phoenix arriving!

Explorer isle, SPNN(SPindriftNewsNet), SciLands, Second Life – The rl [real life] earthlings got to watch Phoenix in parachuted descent after entry and from its camera after landing; we NASA JPL, Ames, & CoLab worker avatars, plus the independents of the ISM [International Space Museum] got a better view as we watched Phoenix arrive and land on Martian terrain at Explorer Island. 

Lander heatshield starts glowing red from entry heat

 A Phoenix explaining the Phoenix landing photo to me …  Since this is a still image, I have to add that Helios Eusebio’s burning feathers shimmer and glow as they renew.  :)


Jet’s narration is interrupted by one of the ever-present dust devils!

Here’s Ron Miller’s portrayal of dust devils and dust storm from the Spindrift Space Gallery:


 Visit the Phoenix exhibit at NASA-JPL’s Explorer Island in Second Life with this Landmark

 The Phoenix lander team site for new pictures and science from northern Mars.

 In the interest of avoiding panic, SPNN wishes to clearly state that this following image from the surface of Mars has *not* been identified as a Martian tripod fighting machine!

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2 Responses to “SciEye welcomes Phoenix lander to Mars!”

  1. The Grid Live » Second Life News for May 29, 2008 Says:

    […] Spindrift SciEye welcomes Phoenix lander to Mars! Quote from the site – The rl [real life] earthlings got to watch Phoenix in parachuted descent […]

  2. Malliobiana Says:

    We already had a Lander called Phoenix during one of the Lunar missions. Hopefully, by the time we are ready to send a man there, we will be a bit more original and significant – like the Angel of the Garden, in case we plan on making the planet habitable. Cathetel, is the Angel of the Garden.

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