NPRadio’s Science Friday loses NSF funding!

Consider making a donation before the end of the year for maximum help – it will be tripled! Their website explains:
“Time is almost up! The 20th anniversary of Science Friday ends on December 31, 2010 and with that so does our matching grant. Until then, all donations made to Science Friday will be tripled through a $2 to $1 match by the Noyce Foundation. Science Friday will receive twice the donation!”  [They mean in addition to your contribution, for a total of U$3, three times your U$1.] is the link to donate through PayPal.

Science Friday had an island/region in Second Life’s SciLands science continent for over two years but withdrew months ago due to the impending budget crisis.

Even though SciFri left Second Life, we residents in SL still gather each week at zazen Manbi’s Science School region directly east of SciFri’s region and banter with each other about the show or continue to submit questions to SciFri’s production studio. It’s thrilling when show host and creator Ira Flatow reads your question to a guest speaker!  And fascinating to hear an answer to it.

Zaz Manbi, who is Jeff Corbin in RL (Real Life) Denver, US, was the original host of Science Friday before they purchased the right to rent their own region directly west of his. Regions have limits on the number of avatars existing at the same time, currently 100, but practically 80. So when an auditorium or stage is placed at the border of 2 or more regions or islands as the Science Friday venue was, the show’s maximum capacity could be doubled. Thanks to Zazan’s help, peak crowds reached 80-120 avatars

Here’s the slurl to teleport to Science School directly if you already have an SL account.

At this week’s show, avatars donated tens of dollars inworld, and four of us – Anonymous, Aroha Hannu, Kit Young, and myself also donated U$145 dollars through PayPal. Now, if the non-virtual-world SciFri audience comes through as loyally with donations ….

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