About Spindrift, Spike, & Paradox

About Spindrift

Spindrift is my island/simulator region in Second Life.  I’ve chosen to join it with dozens of others in the SciLands science islands continent that I funded and helped found.  This blog will highlight the engineering and science education aspects of Spindrift and the SciLands, and the cultural art expressions of this.

Spindrift currently sponsors four groups, including two real-life companies:

*LaserMotive, a Seattle-based team competing for $2,000,000 in prize money at this year’s annual NASA-sponsored Power Beaming competition, part of the Elevator:2010 Space Elevator Games.  They include Jordin T. Kare, noted laser propulsion designer for three decades.  You can see the Spindrift Space Gallery logo amongst the others down in the Kilowatt Sponsors since we only gave U$1000.  But we firmly believe in LaserMotive’s mission to use the competition as their continuing testbed for acquiring the knowledge and support to build the basic modular unit of a laser propulsion array capable of putting a hundred kilograms in low earth orbit

*RLVNews.com, whose editor Clark S. Lindsey is a tremendous resource, publicizer, and sifter of all the NewSpace/alt.space private enterprise/NGOs [Non-Governmental Agencies, in UN and diplomatic document-speak] companies and other websites/blogs. I save hundreds of hours a year looking for a fraction of this information and tip him for it at his site, but I also pay the Second Question science/SL quiz panel show to display RLVNews.com as a show sponsor. Not only do the dozens of avatars in the studio audience see this, the hundreds [or more – but SLCN isn’t releasing numbers, except to say it’s top-rated show gets 30k views] of replays at the SLCN.tv television website that hosts the podcast archives for each show’s episodes also see his logo too.

Spindrift also sponsors two SL (Second Life) organizations:

*The International Spaceflight Museum, by winning bids on half-year sponsorship rights to various of the Museum’s exhibits and displays.  Currently, I sponsor the Russian Proton/Soyuz manned launch booster rocket, the Chinese Long March CZ-2F/Shenzhou manned launch booster rocket, both on the famed Rocket Ring at Spaceport Alpha, one of the two Spaceflight Museum islands.  We also sponsor the American Voyager 2 space probe at Neptune display, and the Nearest Stars 3D exhibit.

*The First Question! (formerly Second Question!) science-themed quiz panel weekly show, which is hosted, written, directed, and produced by Pooky Amsterdam; it’s broadcast from Spindrift every Tuesday night at 7pm SLT.

Speaking of sponsoring, I urge you to donate to Wikipedia – I’ve just given them a dollar a month for 2009. Just click on the Wikipedia button.
Wikipedia Affiliate Button

In Second Life, I’m Paradox Olbers.  Currently, I’m owner/manager of the Spindrift island Space Gallery, a SciLands science Senator & SciLands Council member, an International Spaceflight Museum planner & head of operations, a NASA SL CoLab manager, and a Meta Institute for Computational Astronomy [MICA] Advisory Council member &  island development manager.

In RL [real life], I’m Spike MacPhee, onetime owner/manager of Science Fantasy sf Bookstore in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA from 1977 to 1989.  I also worked part-time for Pandemonium Books sf store in Cambridge for a decade from 1995 to 2004.  Everytime I run into a former loyal customer, I always like to thank you for your store support. Say hi! I’m paradoxolbers -AT- gmail.com  And I also worked as a clerk for Project GNU/Free Software Foundation for 3 years.

I also have a personal blog called Paradoxically, for news of my RL and SL lives in general, and to explore the American cultural expressions of spaceflight and space construction in the 1950s and 1960s.  Use that blog’s About Paradox and Spike page to get my eddress.

Here’s my internet presence

My blogs/pics
http://paradoxolbers.wordpress.com/  My personal Second Life & sf blog
https://spindriftisland.wordpress.com/ My SL Spindrift island & SciLands blog

http://technorati.com/people/ParadoxOlbers  My blog ratings at Technorati
http://www.flickr.com/photos/22159806@N07/  My Second Life pictures
http://www.linkedin.com/in/spikemacphee        My LinkedIn profile
http://associationofvirtualworlds.ning.com/profile/ParadoxOlbers  Assoc of Virtual Worlds
http://seriousgames.ning.com/profile/ParadoxOlbers   Serious Gameshhttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1171183988  FaceBook
Paradox Olbers

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http://twitter.com/Paradox_Olbers  Twitter
http://tw.youtube.com/ParadoxOlbers  My Youtube account
http://www.munchkinpress.com/cpg149/thumbnails.php?album=31  My astronomical/sf art collection – 3/4s of 160 pictures online now.
http://spaceart1.ning.com/profile/ParadoxOlbers My page at The Space Art Network


2 Responses to “About Spindrift, Spike, & Paradox”

  1. Sophrosyne Stenvaag Says:

    Paradox –

    I’d love to meet you sometime, and offer you a tour of our new community, Extropia. I think we’ve got a lot of similar interests and goals!

    Please feel free to friend me inworld or drop me an email!

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    […] shostakovich (Peter Teuben in RL), Paradox Olbers (Spike MacPhee in RL) see also Paradox’s Spindrift in Scilands blog, Pan Numanox (Alfred Whitehead in RL), Jazz90meteotl Loon, Eamu Godenot (Will Farr in RL), and […]

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