Author appearances in SL – Kim Rufer-Bach June 25th 3pm SLT

The Second Life Grid Author Event
June 25, 2009
at The Magicians Colonnade

You’re invited to the official launch event for The Second Life Grid: The Official Guide to Communication, Collaboration, and Community Engagement. Be sure to bring your questions for author Kim Anubis (Kimberly Rufer-Bach). There’ll be prizes, including RL copies of the book, and free goodies for everyone.  After the main event, stick around for a snowball fight. There’s seating in two sims, Abracadabra and xyz, so if one is full, try the other. This is a text event, so you don’t need a headset. IM Argus Collingwood or Robin Sojourner for a teleport offer.

Authors, send us your appearance dates in Second Life!

Sept ’08 – Larry Niven & Michael Whelan did a fundraiser for Alzheimers.

Summer ’08 – Charles Stross was in at Extropia Prime.

March 27th – 3pm, SLT on Abracadabra island.  Authors of Second Life For Dummies Live in Second Life.  Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins is the Director of Emerging Technologies for Media Sauce ( in Carmel, Indiana, as well as a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric at Ball State University, where she teaches Rhetoric and Composition by using Second Life. She currently spends her time blogging at and researching technology trends for education and marketing. She’s frequently on the go, giving talks all over the country about Second Life and Web 2.0 topics.

Sarah was recently chosen by Linden Lab to edit the official Second Life Educators (SLED) blog at < >.

Mark Bell is a Ph.D. student in Telecommunications at Indiana University, where he studies social networks in virtual worlds with the Synthetic Worlds Initiative. Before going back to school, Mark spent 14 years in the software industry as a trainer, a documentation specialist, and an all-about super geek. He is a Canadian transplant in Hoosier Land and gets back across the border north (where they understand “real sports”) as often as he can. Mark is the father of Jackson, who is five. Mark blogs at

In their “free” time, Mark and Sarah run the Second Life Researcher’s List (SLRL), throw parties for their starving grad student friends, and play Wii games with four five-year-olds.

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