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“…and goodnight, Mr. Rosedale, wherever you are!”

October 21, 2010

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“…And goodnight, Mr. Rosedale, wherever you are!” is the famous tagline that ends each of the first one hundred episodes of Pooky Amsterdam’s Second Life weekly science-themed panel show, the  First Question!  Produced and broadcast from her PookyMedia Studios high above Spindrift sim/region in SL’s science continent, the SciLands, the fast-paced comedy game show has run for 2 1/2 years so far.  With a live viewership of 40 to 80 avatars on Spindrift, a broadcast audience of hundreds to thousands, and over 30,000 views on most episodes in the archives, 1st Q! has found a loyal and growing audience.

When 1st Q!, then known as 2nd Q! before they realized they were even better than that*,  started on April 10th, 2008, Philip Rosedale, known as Philip Linden in SL, was still CEO of the company he co-founded, Linden Lab [often misspelled as Linden Labs].  He left not long afterwards, and has recently returned to that position, giving a third level of poignancy to that closing signoff phrase, which riffs off of Jimmy Durante’s “…and goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!” show signoff tagline.

At the last SLCC conference, held August 2010 in Boston, US, Pooky actually found out where Mr. Rosedale was that night!

2010 SLCC Creators Pooky Amsterdam & Philip Linden


 Photo credit by Arminasx Saimen.

*Actually, the lawyers told everyone inSL that they could no longer use ‘Second’ in a business name inSL, but instead could use the logo ‘inSL.’

[Update Oct 21st – Philip Rosedale stepped down as interim CEO 2 days ago.]

Premiere show of “Second Question!” Thurs 7pm SLT – SpinDome

April 9, 2008

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“The Second Question is a fast paced science themed show with people who have real scientific expertise & experience on SL & beyond.

A show with rapid fire questions, quizzes, audience participation and prizes. Really a chance to learn, and also learn about the person behind the scientist.

Original performances open & close – as well as The Slews. We don’t slant our news, we *SLew* it!

Panelists are kept on their toes & have a chance to respond to each other as well as answer for themselves in this funny hour long weekly event.

At the SpinDome! In Scilands
every Thursday night at 7PM SL time
First show is the 10th of April and every Thursday same time same place henceforth

If you have an answer- we have a question!
Host Pooky Amsterdam
Co-Host Hydra Shaftoe
First Panel
Troy McLuhan
Clowey Greenwood
Perplexity Peccable
Lehnerd Euler
& more
See you there!”
-Pooky Amsterdam

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