Second Life science/tech shows schedule November 2009 – SciLands and others

Second Life science/tech shows schedule – SciLands and others

Weekly shows as of November 2009:

Monday – noon SLT, Metanomics’s second year started on June 23rd,  Metaverse Economics news and interviews with host Professor Robert Bloomfield of Cornell University.  Muse island.   The Metanomics guest list is at

Monday – 7pm SLT, When Worlds Collide  SL news, live music, and interview radio show by host Cypress Rosewood.  Cypress’s calendar schedule with the show’s current location is

Tues – 7pm SLT, The First Question!  Science/VW news, panel, and quiz show.  SpinDome, Spindrift, SciLands.  Show news and SLews archives are at Producer/host Pooky Amsterdam’s blog at  Now broadcast and archived at SLCN.tvprogram calendar.

Thurs – 11am SLT The Nature Podcast  A half-hour show, nature, biology, and a news round-up with news editor Mark Peplow.  Every Thursday the new episode of the Nature Podcast will be played at Nature’s home in Second Lifewith SL host Joanna Wombat. All welcome to listen with other people and chat about it or anything else science-y. Rooftop Cafe, Elucian Islands.  A non-SciLands island.

Fri – 11am SLT, Science Friday   2 hour NPR US radio science news and interviews show.   Science Friday, SciLands.

Sun  – 10am PDT/SLT, The Naked Scientists  UK radio science show.  SciLand island, SciLands.

And one new show soon to be announced… 

Monthly shows:

Twice a Month, on Saturday at MICA’s StellaNova island, 10:00 a.m. PDT/SLT – “Dr. Rob Knop Talks Astronomy!”  Popular Astronomy talks by Prospero Frobozz, sponsored by MICA – VW Astrophysics group.  The MICA schedule is at  and the Second Life location of the talks is

The Science Center keeps a public Google Calendar with listings of all upcoming science-related events in Second Life, compiled by Troy McLuhan and others.

Spindrift & SL VW, engineering, tech, and science-related events google calendar

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