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Yuri’s Night 2007

February 10, 2008


NASA CoLab’s management group decided at the end of Jan 2007 to link their realworld April 12th Yuri’s Night party at Ames/ARC in California with a multi-island SciLands Yuri’s Night party in SL.  A group chaired by Camden Mitchell was set up and went to work.  Cypress Rosewood handled scheduling 10 hours of live music, a subgroup including Oliva Delvecchio handled the fashion show, I helped with the art show, and Camden did most of the stage design and build.

Here’s a series of my engineering snapshots showing the growth of the stage over six weeks and disassembly afterwards.  Three shots here and the rest of the two dozen at flickr. (more…)

Spindrift Maya Metrics – visitors for the last halfyear by country

January 21, 2008

Remember the scene in the Graduate when Ben is being given career advice?  “One word, Benjy – plastics!”  Now the replacement word would be “metrics.”  :)

Here’s the cumulative top-20 piechart:


The last nation on the chart is one of 11 that have had only one visitor each out of 31 countries total.  [Officially, anyway.  The sensor limitations are that if an avatar leaves the arrival area within one minute, s/he isn’t logged by country.  So 3/4s of our 1400 unique vistors don’t register that info with us.  The sample size is large enough to give us usable percentages, though.]  And since wordpress compresses this piechart, here’s the readable version at flickr

I started using the pro paid version of Maya Realities metrics sensors on July 26th, 2007, so the traffic metrics start there.  [Disclaimer – I am a volunteer beta tester and installer for Maya Realities.]

Spindrift Space Gallery – Jan 2008

January 19, 2008

Here’s a look at the various wings of Spindrift Space Gallery:

*Spindrift Space astronomical art [Update Jan 2009 – SpinSpace Gallery acquired its own building in summer 2008.  Here’s my flickr photo set of SpinSpace.]  And the slurl is:


*Ringworld Space Engineering illustrations


*Illustration Exchange incubator project


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