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SciEye: The SciLands Are Moving! But not Spaceport Bravo

October 12, 2009

SPNN News, Spindrift isle, the SciLands, Second Life – Your SciEye columnist says the SciLands are moving again, this time next to the adjacent University of Texas [UT] education continent.  Today, Monday, October  12th, is  the scheduled day for the Lin, represented by Dee Linden, to lift and land 62 of our science, technology, engineering, and math isles.

[Update 7pm SLTMonday Oct 12th] 

“We’ve moved!
[18:27]  Dee Linden: (Saved Mon Oct 12 18:30:58 2009) 63 regions moved
today, Paradox

Many many thanks to Dee for saving us from 63-ticket purgatory!-Paradox”

[Update Tues 10am SLT – the Map has updated!]

Your LMs [landmarks] will still be good, but you will have to manually revisit and reenter any of your Profile personal Picks again.

More updates as events unfold …

[Disclaimer: I’m the SciLands POC (Person/Point of Contact) to both UT and LindenLab for this move.]

In a related story, the International Spaceflight Museum [ISM] is leaving Spaceport Bravo behind in the SciLands move, and announced that it is for sale by auction.  “Kirra Ball donated the isle and 2 years rent/tier, but after that wonderful donation ran out in the spring of 2009, visitor and volunteer  staff donations were never   enough to pay for Spaceport Bravo.  It is with the greatest reluctance that the ISM Board of Directors voted this weekend to put the isle up for sale,” is my  comment as ISM Director and President.

Gus Plissken /SL name is handling the transaction, with an ISM BoDirectors  waiver: “Resolved, that Fred Fuchs and/or Firesabre Consulting be authorized to act as agent for the ISM Corporation in marketing and selling the sim, Spaceport Bravo, and should be indemnified against any claims of conflict of interest for the purposes of performing this service for the Board.”

Paradox Olbers

Auctions ended Tues noon! Sponsor the Saturn V at International Spaceflight Museum!

June 22, 2008

SPNN News, Spaceport Bravo, the SciLands, Second LifeISM is again auctioning off half-year sponsorship rights to the most noticeable and famed rocket in both Spaceports.  Also being auctioned separately on eBay are the crawler-transporter that took the 4500-ton gantry & stack out to the launch pad, and the gantry tower that cradled the 3000 ton 369 foot tall moon rocket.  [Update – Amazingly, U$82 captured all three auction items! Six months from now, the next winner isn’t going to grab such a foresighted bargain at this low a winning bid.  Congratulations!  To ISM member Neit Tackleberry, as it turned out at the Wednesday ISM Planners meeting.]

Looking up at the underside of the gantry tower’s platform that the crawler carried out the pad.  The swirling disc around my head?  I’d just been at a MICA star simulations planning meeting, and was still wearing my slowly spinning Milky Way Galaxy.  :) (more…)

SciEye meets Jules Verne at ISM’s ATV display

April 4, 2008

SPNN News, Spaceport Alpha, the SciLands, Second Life

ISS ATV approach at ISM 1s

Automated Transfer Vehicle, ISS, & Shuttle

The soft “ping!” of an incoming ISM group notice distracted me momentarily from the discussion at this Thursday’s SciLands Senate meeting.  Afterwards, I eventally got some time to go to Spaceport Alpha’s Low Earth Observation platform and celebrate the arrival of the real ATV – the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Automated Transfer Vehicle – named “Jules Verne,” by looking at modeller Gamel Goodfellow’s version approaching ISM’s ISS [International Space Station].


High above the world (well, 200 meters is high!), I got different views of the robot cargo ship.  Another timely display from -altogether now, “ISM’s not NASA!” – the International Spaceflight Museum.


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