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Auctions ended Tues noon! Sponsor the Saturn V at International Spaceflight Museum!

June 22, 2008

SPNN News, Spaceport Bravo, the SciLands, Second LifeISM is again auctioning off half-year sponsorship rights to the most noticeable and famed rocket in both Spaceports.  Also being auctioned separately on eBay are the crawler-transporter that took the 4500-ton gantry & stack out to the launch pad, and the gantry tower that cradled the 3000 ton 369 foot tall moon rocket.  [Update – Amazingly, U$82 captured all three auction items! Six months from now, the next winner isn’t going to grab such a foresighted bargain at this low a winning bid.  Congratulations!  To ISM member Neit Tackleberry, as it turned out at the Wednesday ISM Planners meeting.]

Looking up at the underside of the gantry tower’s platform that the crawler carried out the pad.  The swirling disc around my head?  I’d just been at a MICA star simulations planning meeting, and was still wearing my slowly spinning Milky Way Galaxy.  :) (more…)

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