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Virtually Speaking Science hosts Alan Boyle & IgNobel Prizes creator Marc Abrahams 6pm PST Wed Jan 4

January 4, 2012

Wednesday, Jan 4 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Science | MSNBC’s Alan Boyle (Cosmic Log) talks with Marc Abrahams, creator of the Ig Nobel Prizes and editor of the Annals of Improbable Research, about the scientific findings from the past year that made us laugh … and then made us think. VS Science is produced in cooperation with MICA, the Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics. Follow @b0yle @MarcAbrahams @ImprobResearch  Watch the 2011 Ig Nobels

Listen live or later on BTR to the podcast

Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log Ig Nobel post

Hosted by MICA at StellaNova, SciLands, Second Life

NPRadio’s Science Friday loses NSF funding!

October 15, 2010

Consider making a donation before the end of the year for maximum help – it will be tripled! Their website explains:
“Time is almost up! The 20th anniversary of Science Friday ends on December 31, 2010 and with that so does our matching grant. Until then, all donations made to Science Friday will be tripled through a $2 to $1 match by the Noyce Foundation. Science Friday will receive twice the donation!”  [They mean in addition to your contribution, for a total of U$3, three times your U$1.] is the link to donate through PayPal.

Science Friday had an island/region in Second Life’s SciLands science continent for over two years but withdrew months ago due to the impending budget crisis.

Even though SciFri left Second Life, we residents in SL still gather each week at zazen Manbi’s Science School region directly east of SciFri’s region and banter with each other about the show or continue to submit questions to SciFri’s production studio. It’s thrilling when show host and creator Ira Flatow reads your question to a guest speaker!  And fascinating to hear an answer to it.

Zaz Manbi, who is Jeff Corbin in RL (Real Life) Denver, US, was the original host of Science Friday before they purchased the right to rent their own region directly west of his. Regions have limits on the number of avatars existing at the same time, currently 100, but practically 80. So when an auditorium or stage is placed at the border of 2 or more regions or islands as the Science Friday venue was, the show’s maximum capacity could be doubled. Thanks to Zazan’s help, peak crowds reached 80-120 avatars

Here’s the slurl to teleport to Science School directly if you already have an SL account.

At this week’s show, avatars donated tens of dollars inworld, and four of us – Anonymous, Aroha Hannu, Kit Young, and myself also donated U$145 dollars through PayPal. Now, if the non-virtual-world SciFri audience comes through as loyally with donations ….

SciEye celebrates SL6B, Second Life’s 6th birthday, at SciLands exhibit

August 10, 2009
SPNN News, SL6thBirthday continent, Second Life – In the summer of 2009, Second Life celebrated its 6th birthday, inviting groups to display their information at symbolic builds on a 20-region continent created for the occasion.

Some of the SciLands Senators [island owners/admins] at our SL6B exhibit. Clicking on an island tile rezzes a rotating cube showing 4 representative pictures from the island.  Then hop on top of the cube by right-clicking it and choosing ‘sit here’ for a fun carousel ride! 

SciLands Senators at SL6B exhibit riding islands

SciLands Senators at SL6B exhibit riding islands

This is a picture shot with a ‘noontime setting.’

This crystal mountain with each facet’s top surface showing one SciLands isle’s overhead view was designed and built by Adrienne J. Gauthier (SL: Ourania Fizgig) and her student Alan Myhre (SL name) from Astronomy 2009 island/region with textures provided by SciLander volunteers. for more info about the SciLands and our science events & talks within Second Life.

Visit the SciLands Second Life 6th Birthday exhibit at  [show closed – exhibit soon to move to SciLands Orientation Island]

And this view:

SciLand Senators riding island carousels with names showing

This is a picture shot with a ‘midnight setting’ and avatar group banners & names showing.

SciEye Espies the Naked Scientists

October 9, 2008
Pavillion outside the Naked Scientists mansion at SciLands island

Pavillion outside the Naked Scientists mansion at SciLands island

SciEye has previously visited the Science Friday NPR radio show.  The other great science radio show in the SciLands is the UK’s The Naked Scientists.  Every Sunday at 10 AM SLTime, the show takes questions from its real-life audience and its Second Life audience during one segment.  My personal favorite is their Kitchen Science feature; this last Sunday, they implosively crushed a soda can by heating water in it to boiling, then immersing it in water.  *>!CRUSH!<*
To visit the Second Life studio audience location directly, use this “slurl”


Some misunderstood the nature of the naked scientists meeting

Some misunderstood the nature of the naked scientists meeting

The Naked Scientists phrase refers to having a Eureka! moment like Archimedes, who leapt out of his bath and down the street in his excitement in solving a vixing problem.  Not everyone is clear on that …  :)
naked scientists show logo

naked scientists show logo

The longer you look at this hilarious takeoff on Michaelangelo’s orginal concept, the more you start to laugh …

SciEye – How to Pick Up Science

January 17, 2008

SciEye’s 1st stop in my tour of the SciLands is the epynomous Science Friday island.

Science Friday is a wide-ranging weekly science news and interviews radio show on, yes, Fridays back in RL (Real Life). Join us in Second Life at 11am SLT!

Here’s larger versions of the same 3 photos of the SL version of the show at FlickR.  [update Jan 18th – I’ve added 5 pics of the 3rd home island show as well.]  I can’t offer a tour of Science Friday island yet, because the terraforming landshapers and exhibit builders are still designing on this newly-birthed island.   Here’s the archived podcast of the first Science Friday show co-hosted in RL & SL: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Lives, broadcast on Friday August 31st, 2007.  All of their shows are archived at their website.

The SciEye column’s next SciLands stop is Mars, in Exploratorium.  I’ve gotten word that an asteroid is inbound …



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